Eye Threading (under-eye shopping lift): effects and downtime explained

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I've been asking myself, "What are the effects of an under eye shopping lift? Is the downtime noticeable?"

I'm concerned about sagging and wrinkles around my eyes, but I don't want to have to have the procedure done by cutting."

What's Ice Red?"

Do you have these questions about under eye shopping lifts (shopping threads)?

Hello, I am a physician at the Cosmetic Dermatology and Smart Skin Clinic.

The area around the eyes is a common area of concern because it is prone to signs of aging. We will explain from an expert's perspective what effects a shopping lift has and how much postoperative downtime symptoms are affected.

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What is an under eye shopping lift?

Shopping lift (shopping threads) is one of the sagging treatments. Shopping lift under the eyes, also called "ice threads," is performed with the aim of improving problems around the eyes such as hollows, sagging, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes.

A short thread, thornless and thinner than a hair, is inserted under the eye.

The stimulation of inserting the threads and the dissolution of the threads in the skin activates fibroblasts and increases collagen and elastin production.

Recommended for

  • Puffy, puffy, sagging, dark circles under the eyes
  • Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes
  • I want to make the area around my eyes more elastic.
  • Not much downtime
  • I'm not comfortable with scalpels.
  • Desire a natural finish
  • I want to take preventive care of my eyes.

Effects of a shopping lift under the eyes

  • Improvement of dark circles and fine lines with natural lifting effect
  • Prevention of dark circles under the eyes
  • Tightening effect improves firmness around the eyes
  • increasing the intensity of one's eyesight
  • For eyes with a youthful impression

The thread material is expected to have a tightening and lipoatrophy effect.

Many people are curious about the threads that are placed under the eyes.

The thread material used in shopping lifts is primarily polydioxanone (PDO). It is a safe medical material used in surgery, and dissolves and is absorbed in the skin over a period of approximately 8 months to

Effects of polydioxanone.

  • Tightening effect
  • Natural lifting effect
  • Lipoatrophy effect

Tightening and natural lifting effects

Threads inserted subcutaneously stimulate fibroblasts and promote the production of collagen and elastin.

Increased collagen causes firmness and tightness. By inserting threads in a mesh pattern and increasing collagen, it is expected to reduce loose muscles and improve dark circles caused by sagging and hollows under the eyes. The effect of increasing collagen and elastin will continue for a while after the threads dissolve.

Tightening of the skin will have a natural lifting effect. At the same time, blood flow is also stimulated, and improvement of blue dark circles can be expected.

Lipoatrophy effect

Polydioxanone also has the potential to atrophy fat.

The cause of sagging and dark circles under the eyes is orbital fat. By reducing the volume of orbital fat, sagging and dark circles can be reduced.

The effects of polydioxanone (PDO) have been published in various papers.

More collagen production could be observed with multiple PDO yarns compared to a single PLA yarn, indicating that increasing the number of yarns leads to more collagen synthesis.

Jung Jin Shin, Tae Jun Park, Bo Young Kim, Chang Min Kim, Dong Hye Suh, Sang Jun Lee, Hye-Rim Moon, Hwa Jung Ryu. Comparative effects of various absorbable threads in a rat model. journal of cosmetic and laser therapy : official publication of the European Society for Laser Dermatology. 2019;21(3);158-162. doi: 10.1080/14764172.2018.1493511.

Four white Yucatan pygmy pigs, whose skin most closely resembles the structure of human skin, were selected. 4-0 PDO threads were inserted into the subcutaneous fat. Tissue samples were taken at 4, 12, 24, and 48 weeks. H&E staining, Masson trichrome staining, and anti-smooth muscle actin immunohistochemical staining were used for histological analysis.

(omitted) PDO sutures induce specific changes in the surrounding tissue that result in neocollagenesis, fibrotic merger effects, fat loss, tissue contracture, and an improved vascular environment.

Jung Hyun Yoon, Sang Seop Kim, Seung Min Oh, Bong Cheol Kim, Wonsug Jung. Tissue changes over time after polydioxanone thread insertion: an animal study with pigs. journal of cosmetic dermatology. 2019 Jun;18(3);885-891. doi: 10.1111/jocd.12718.

How many under eye shopping lifts (ice red) do I need?

20 in both eyes ~.

The number of ice threads required for ice threads varies from person to person, but is approximately 20 to
The number of lashes can be suggested depending on the symptoms of the eye area and your wishes.

See also this page for more information on the number of units required for a shopping lift.

Pain during under eye shopping lift procedure

almost none
*Anesthesia available

The thread used in the procedure is thinner than a hair and the needle is extremely fine. The skin around the eyes is thin, so pain is easily felt, but it is not unbearable. In addition, anesthesia is applied beforehand to numb the sensation.

Some clinics use local anesthesia, but surface anesthesia is sufficient. Smart Skin Clinic does not recommend the use of more anesthesia than necessary, as it is hard on both your body and your wallet.

Downtime, side effects, and risks of under eye shopping lift

Describes the downtime and risks of a shopping lift under the eyes.

Downtime duration and symptoms of under eye shopping lift


  • a few days


  • Redness/flushing: several hours
  • Swelling, pain, discomfort or tightness: several days
  • Internal bleeding: 10 days to 2 weeks
  • Scar: Almost undetectable

Progress and how to spend time after a shopping lift under the eyes

Downtime symptoms are alleviated gradually.

To avoid wasting the effects of the program, please observe the precautions in your daily life.

very daySwelling, prickling pain, and a pulling sensation

Makeup, showering, and bathing are permitted except in the affected area.

Refrain from drinking alcohol or engaging in warming activities Relieve symptoms such as swelling and pain by cooling the body

Refrain from prolonged bathing, saunas, strenuous exercise, and other warming activities, and facial massage for about a week.
next daymake-up artist
About 3 days laterSwelling and redness subside.

Internal bleeding begins to appear.
About 1 week laterIf there is internal bleeding, relieve by warming.
OtherInternal bleeding will settle down in about 2 weeks.

Self-care after under eye shopping lift

  • Don't touch more than you have to.
  • not rubbing
  • Thoroughly moisturize
  • Thoroughly protect against ultraviolet rays

Handle the affected area gently and carefully to promote wound healing, prevent infection, and promote thread retention.
Please refrain from massaging the eye area until the threads have settled.

How does internal bleeding manifest itself? How to prevent it

  • Internal bleeding discolors bluish purple, red, green, yellow, and gradually fades
  • The type of needle and pressure hemostasis can control this to some extent.

Under the eyes, where capillaries are concentrated, internal bleeding is more likely to occur, becoming less noticeable with each passing day and eventually fading over a period of 10 days to 2 weeks.

Preventive measures on the part of the clinic include the use of ultrafine needles or blunt needles with rounded tips to insert the threads, thereby reducing the risk of damaging subcutaneous tissue and blood vessels, and postoperative pressure hemostasis to reduce the spread of internal bleeding.

Measures to prevent internal bleeding with the help of the patient

  • Keep cool for about 1 week after surgery
  • Warm up about 1 week after surgery.
  • Cover with makeup

The area is red or bluish-purple for about a week after surgery, and internal bleeding is more likely to occur with warmth and increased blood flow. Cooling is recommended during this period. Cooling reduces internal bleeding by shrinking blood vessels.

Conversely, after a week, it may turn green or yellow and may be painful when pressed. Warm the affected area to stimulate blood circulation and the elimination of excess waste.

Most internal bleeding can be covered with a mask or concealer. It is advisable to expect at most 3 weeks of bleeding. Most internal bleeding will occur around the needle insertion site, such as under the eyes and upper cheeks, but it may spread to the upper eyelids.

Because symptoms vary from person to person, it is safe to refrain from doing so for several weeks before an important appointment.

Risks of Under Eye Shopping Lift

  • infection
  • allergy

The shopping lift is a relatively safe procedure.

The threads used in the Shopping Lift are absorbable. They dissolve and are absorbed in about six months, so they do not remain in the body for a long period of time and the risk of infection is reduced.

If swelling, pain, or burning sensation increases, consult the clinic as this may indicate an infection. Treatment with antibiotics will be given.

When the effects of an under-eye shopping lift are visible, how long they last, and how often maintenance should be performed.

The time when the effect appears.

  • Effects are seen gradually from about 1 week after the surgery, peaking at about 3-4 months after the surgery.

[Duration of effect].

  • Approx. 1 to 1.5 years

Maintenance frequency

  • A few times a year

Difference between a shopping lift and lower eyelid blepharoplasty (transconjunctival blepharoplasty)

Lower eyelid blepharoplasty" is a known treatment for sagging and dark circles under the eyes. What is the difference from eye blepharoplasty and how it compares?

What is lower eyelid blepharoplasty (transconjunctival blepharoplasty)?

This treatment removes orbital fat that causes sagging and dark circles under the eyes.

If the scalpel is inserted through the back of the lower eyelid (mucosa), there will be no scar where it can be seen. If there is excess to the skin, it will be wrinkled and the skin must be removed.

Shopping Lift vs. lower eyelid blepharoplasty (transconjunctival blepharoplasty)

shopping lift Lower eyelid blepharoplasty
Insert threads to tighten skin supporting orbital fatmethodRemove excess orbital fat that causes sagging
Improvement of mild dark circles and sagging Prevention of new symptoms of agingadaptationImprovement of severe dark circles and sagging
Maintenance required several times a yearSustained Effectivenesssemipermanent
a few daysDown timeSymptoms settle for about 1 to 2 weeks and completion takes about 3 to 6 months.
No scalpel, no scarring, little or no downtime.AdvantagesScratches are inconspicuous
Mild effect  DemeritThere's downtime for scalpels in places you can't see.
superficial anesthesiaanesthesialocal anesthesia

A shopping lift is appropriate for mild symptoms, and lower eyelid blepharoplasty for more severe symptoms.

Because new sagging and dark circles can appear with age after any of these treatments, a shopping lift can be used to prevent sagging after lower eyelid blepharoplasty.

Smart Skin Clinic Fees

10 bottles49,800 yen
20 bottles69,800 yen
30 pcs.89,800 yen

Under-eye shopping lift procedure flow

The treatment time is about 30 minutes.

It takes about 20 minutes for the surface anesthesia to take effect, but it can be done in as little as 10 minutes for just the eye area.


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Thread Insertion

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After-sales service

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Advantages and disadvantages of under eye shopping lift (ice red)

There are both advantages and disadvantages to an under-eye shopping lift.
The disadvantages can be reduced to some extent by identifying indications, regular treatment, and postoperative care.

Advantages of an under eye shopping lift (ice red)

  • Improvement of sagging and fine lines around the eyes, firmness and elasticity
  • Sagging Prevention
  • Makeup can be applied the next day.
  • Less downtime

Disadvantages of shopping lift (ice red)

  • Effects are not permanent.
  • Hardly effective for strong sagging or dark circles.
  • Prone to internal bleeding

For more information on the disadvantages of shopping lifts, see also

Tips for avoiding failure in under eye shopping lifts

  • Clinic Selection
  • Keep your health and skin in good condition.

Different clinics have different skill levels, specialties, fee structures, and philosophies. Choose a clinic with a proven track record of cases and good word-of-mouth reviews, and with solid technical skills.

In addition, depending on your physical condition, the recovery and effectiveness of the wound and the appearance of downtime symptoms, including internal bleeding, will vary. To maximize the effects of the procedure, make sure you are in good physical condition.


Are shopping threads effective for sagging under eyes?

Collagen and elastin production is stimulated around the thread inserted into the eye area, and fat reduction is expected to have an effect on sagging.

Will a shopping lift reduce dark circles under the eyes?

The causes and remedies for dark circles under the eyes differ depending on the type, such as blue, brown, or black circles. Under-eye shopping lifts are not effective for brown dark circles caused by hyperpigmentation.

Which do you recommend for sagging under the eyes, a shopping lift or lower eyelid blepharoplasty?

It depends on the symptoms. Shopping lift has a tightening effect, but is not indicated for severe sagging. Since it is difficult to judge the indication without a specialist, please consult us for a free consultation.

How many ice-reds do you need?

Depending on the symptoms, we recommend starting with about 20 (10 on each side).

Is the ice-red treatment painful?

The feeling of pain varies from person to person, but is rarely It can be alleviated with cooling or surface anesthesia and is tolerable.

How long do the effects of under eye shopping threads last?

Although it varies from person to person, it peaks 3-4 months after the surgery and lasts about 1-1/2 years. Maintenance several times a year is recommended to maintain the effect.

Can internal bleeding occur during an under eye shopping lift procedure?

Under-eye shopping lifts are relatively prone to internal bleeding.

Is there anything I should be aware of after the under eye shopping thread procedure?

The area under the eyes is more prone to internal bleeding than other areas. After surgery, avoid massages, saunas, and prolonged bathing to stimulate circulation. This can increase internal bleeding and other downtime symptoms.

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