Pre-shaving and shaving

What to do in case of an unshaven head

If you come to the clinic without shaving, except for the back and nape of the neck which are difficult to reach ・O-line, or if more than 30% of the area is left unshaved,Flat rate 5,000 yen (tax included)The cost of the service is charged to the customer.

Please understand that the treatment time is fixed according to the details of your contract.

Free of charge for back, nape of neck, O-line, and other parts of the body that are difficult to treat by yourself.

There is no charge for shaving or shaving of areas that are difficult to treat on one's own.

Why do you ask for shaving before hair removal?

1: To obtain the effect of hair removal

In medical hair removal, hair removal is achieved by applying heat energy to the root of the hair. If the hairs are long, there is a risk that the heat energy will not be sufficiently transferred to the root of the hairs, which may result in ineffectiveness, to the detriment of the customer.

2: To reduce the risk of burns

Medical hair removal produces heat in response to black objects. If the hairs are long, heat is generated even on the surface of the skin, increasing the risk of burns on the skin surface.

Pre-shaving and shaving timing

We recommend the night before or the morning of the day of irradiation. The reason is that if the timing is too early, the hair may grow back by the time of the treatment.

*No problem to shave only the area to be treated.

Recommended shaving and shaving methods

It is recommended to use commercially available electric shavers.

How to shave VIO

Because the V line has thick hair, if you do not shave carefully, you may get razor burn and be unable to perform the procedure.

Therefore, we recommend that you shave your hair carefully as follows

First cut short with scissors, then shave carefully, pulling and stretching the skin.