JUVELUX Injection Aqueous Light Injection & Doctor's Manual Injection Lowest level in Japan 1cc 9,800yen~ 【Smart Skin Clinic Tokyo

Jubeluk Eye Catch v02

Our free consultations are not conducted by cosmetic counselors like those at major clinics, but by specialized doctors directly. For this reason, we do not push sales at all during the free consultation, which is very popular among our customers who are new to cosmetics. Please feel free to make an appointment.


Jubeluk lowest price list in the country (Smart Skin Clinic)

Water light injection (mechanical injection)

Campaign price for introduction of Aqueous Light Injection Jubeluk is now available.

Once51,800 yen → Total price
(14,600 yen per cc)
3 sets155,400 yen → 119,400 yen
(39,800 yen per session)
Once69,000 yen → 51,920 yen
(12,980 yen per cc)
3 sets207,000 yen → 149,400 yen
(49,800 yen per session)
Once103,600 yen → 58,800 yen
(9,800 yen per cc)
3 sets310,800 yen → 164,400 yen
(54,800 yen per session)

doctor's help

Once92,000 yen → 59,800 yen
(19,933 yen per cc)
3 sets276,000 yen → 179,400 yen
Monitor price
(Set 3 times)
169,800 yen
Once71,920 yen
(17,980 yen per cc)
3 sets215,760 yen
Monitor price
(Set 3 times)
205,760 yen
Once89,880 yen
(14,980 yen per cc)
3 sets269,640 yen
Monitor price
(Set 3 times)
259,640 yen

The price includes the consultation, cream anesthesia, and needle. There is no up-selling on the same day other than the price indicated here.

Reference] How to choose the dosage (cc)

JUVELUX dosage guidelines (1)
JUVELEC dosage guidelines (2)
JUVELUX dosage guidelines (3)
Explanation of how to select dosage (cc)
  • We also offer "3cc" for easy consideration in accordance with the notation of other hospitals.
  • On the other hand, 3cc is not enough for the whole face (full face), so if you want the maximum effect, please refer to the following for your choice
  • Pattern 1] The forehead and the area from the nose down can be lighter ⇒ 3cc
  • Pattern 2] The area from the nose down can be lightened a little, but from the nose up, it should be done firmly ⇒ 4cc
  • Pattern (3)] The entire face, including the nose and below the nose, should be done thoroughly ⇒ 6cc
  • If you are not sure, the doctor will confirm your request on the same day and suggest the optimal volume (please be assured that we never upsell unnecessarily).

Jubeluk case photos (before/after)

Below are photos of our clinic's monitors after two sessions of JUVELUX injections without makeup.

The following case photos show the overall effect of improved skin texture and a more youthful, brighter appearance.

Jubeluk skin texture improvement case (1)

In the following case photos, "improvement of sagging" and "shallowing of the laugh lines" can be seen.

Jubeluk skin quality improvement case (2)

The following case photos show "improvement of skin redness," "improvement of pore opening," and "improvement of skin elasticity and luster.

Jubeluk skin quality improvement case (3)

The following case photos show even greater "improvement of skin redness," "improvement of pore opening," and "improvement of skin elasticity and luster.

Acne scars (craters)

Acne scar (crater) Jubeluk case 1
Acne scar (crater) Jubeluk case 2
Acne scar (crater) Jubeluk case (3)

We offer "high quality" and "the lowest prices in the nation".Why we can achieve

In fact, more than 90% of cosmetic clinics are not able to offer the best price for their clients because they have too many unnecessary costs.

Based on our awareness of this problem, we have created a beauty clinic that is completely different from the conventional wisdom.

(1) Low rent area
(2) Reduce flamboyant interior
(iii) Reduce excess human resources
4) Reduce excessive advertising costs

This allows us to offer a "one-of-a-kind" service that no other hospital can imitate.High-quality Jubeluk injections at one of the lowest prices in the countryWe have been able to achieve a "one-stop shop" for our customers.

Smart Skin Clinic consistently receives high ratings from Google, Hot Pepper, Kirei Pass, and other reviewers.

We, Smart Skin Clinic, have achieved both "low cost," "high quality," and "high satisfaction" by thoroughly considering what is truly necessary for our customers and eliminating unnecessary costs.

By this,Highly rated on Google, Hot Pepper Beauty, and various other review sites.The Company has acquired

As a result, approximately 80% of those who came once were repeat customers.

Hot Pepper Beauty Rating 4.57/5.00

Evaluation of Kireipas4.30/5.00

Kumapon Evaluation4.71/5.00

Evaluation of Kang Nam Onni9.3/10.0

What is Juvelook?

Jubeluk Product Images

JUVELUX is a non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid andPDLLA (Poly-DL-lactic acid)This is a type of injectable drug called a skin booster, which is a combination of

After injection, it is slowly absorbed into the body over a period of one to two years, during which time it stimulates fibroblasts to naturally increase collagen and elastin, and a lasting effect can be expected.

Since it is made from lactic acid, which is also present in the human body, it is highly safe and does not cause allergies.

JUVELOOK is written in English.
This is a coined term that combines JUVE (youth, vitality, vigor) and LOOK (appearance, expression).

It is also the equivalent of Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)and ..,Approved by the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA)It is a highly safe formulation.

Originating in Korea, certified by the KFDA in Korea.skin booster

Korea Consumer Awards

Jubeluk has won the award in the Korean consumer skin booster category for two consecutive years (2022,2023).

Korea Consumer Award, 2023A total of 41 brands were selected, including Starbucks, Terra and Jubeluk, at the

Jubeluk is attracting attention as the next generation skin booster of Rejelan. In Korea, it is alreadyMore than 400,000The number of people who have received the program has been (as of December 2023)

Types of Jubeluk

Although it is not well known, there are actually two types of Jubeluk. They are the following two types.

  • Juvelook
  • Jubeluk Volume-Lenisna (Lenisna)

Jubeluk of ➊ is the well-known one, so when we say "Jubeluk," you may recognize it as ➊.

Jubeluk volume of ❷ is often called "renisna" in Japan. In Korea, on the other hand, it is often called "Jubeluk volume.

Difference between Jubeluk and Jubeluk Volume (Renisna)

Difference between Jubeluk and Renisna
What is the difference between the two?
Dr. Smaski.

Concentration and particle size. This will vary in the way volume is produced. As the name suggests, JUVELUX VOLUME (RENISNA) is excellent at producing volume, so it is good at deep wrinkles, such as the laugh lines.

For more information on Jubeluk Volume (Renisna), click here.

Four characteristics of Jubeluk

(1) Longer duration of effect

Polylactic acid (PDLLA) continuously stimulates fibroblasts inside the skin. This stimulates collagen production. After injection, it is slowly broken down into water and carbon dioxide inside the skin over a period of one to two years. Therefore, unlike conventional hyaluronic acid formulations, JUVELUX is a formulation that provides skin growth over a long period of time.

Below is the official Jubeluk YouTube, which explains how Jubeluk works. (*It is in English.)