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I wonder what Dermapen x Exosomes are and how they work?"

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In this article, Smart Skin Clinic, a cosmetic dermatology clinic, will address these concerns from a professional standpoint in an easy-to-understand manner.

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dermapenWhat is 4


Dermapen is a skin treatment device. The tip of the device is equipped with multiple needles thinner than a hair. By inserting these ultra-fine needles into the skin, a process called "wound healing mechanism" occurs inside the skin, resulting in the improvement of skin texture.

What is the wound healing mechanism?

Humans have the ability to repair cells naturally, and minor wounds (wounds) will heal spontaneously. The reaction of cells to return to their original state when they are damaged is called wound healing. Many of you may have experienced the feeling of smooth skin after scabbing over a wound, which is also called wound healing.

It also acts on the epidermis, the shallow layer of the skin, as well as the dermis, the deeper layer of the skin, to normalize skin turnover, which helps to prevent keratin clogging and blemishes.

Although a dermapen can be used by itself, in most cases, an "induction solution" is used at the same time. This is because the dermapen makes a hole in the skin, and the introduction solution allows the drug to penetrate deep into the skin. (Normally, the skin's surface barrier prevents the drug from penetrating deep into the skin.)

What is an exosome?


Exosomes (also called exosomes) are granule-like substances with a diameter of 50-150 nm (nanometers: one billionth of a meter) that are secreted by cells. Their surfaces contain lipids and proteins derived from cell membranes, while their interiors contain nucleic acids (microRNA, messenger RNA, DNA, etc.), proteins, and other intracellular substances.

Exosomes secreted by cells are not only found between cells, but are also present in body fluids (blood, spinal fluid, urine, etc.) and circulate throughout the body. One important function of exosomes that has been highlighted is that they are used to transmit information between cells. As mentioned above, exosomes contain nucleic acids, proteins, and other substances inside them. Since it has been reported that secreted cellular nucleic acids (microRNAs and messenger RNAs) are transmitted to receiving cells via exosomes and function, exosomes are thought to work as communication tools between cells.

Exosomes are messages from cells! (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine)

As described here, exosomes will be substances in the body that function as "information transmission tools between cells".

The effects of exosomes have been found to include cell activation, angiogenesis, and suppression of inflammation (anti-inflammatory action), resulting in skin beautification, anti-aging, treatment and prevention of diseases, and relief of fatigue and insomnia.

The Dermapen 4 x Exosome allows exosomes with these effects to penetrate directly into the skin.

What is an exosome?

What is Dermapen 4 x Exosome?

This treatment improves skin texture by creating microscopic holes in the skin with a dermapen4 and introducing exosomes directly into the skin through these holes.

What is Dermapen x Exosome?

Recommended for the following problems

  • To improve acne scars (craters, hyperpigmentation)
  • I want my skin to look firm and luminous.
  • Reduce the appearance of pores
  • I want to have beautiful skin like Koreans.



  • Enhances skin's ability to regenerate
  • Improvement of skin quality
  • Improvement of pore opening and plugging of horny plugs
  • Improvement of acne scars (craters, hyperpigmentation)
  • Promotes natural cell repair and more youthful skin
  • Renew skin and revitalize its functions

Dermapen4 by itself has a rejuvenating effect on the skin, but the introduction of exosomes further enhances this effect.

Exosomes promote wound healing through TGF- β receptor inhibition, which speeds wound closure and reduces scar healing/scar formation while regulating collagen fiber distribution and supporting regeneration of appendages (hair, sebaceous glands, nerves, blood vessels and other skin appendages).

The following paper proves the effectiveness of Dermapen x Exosome Introductory Solution.

The contents of this page include "Comparative experiments between exosome-containing solutions (HACS) and microneedles (dermapen) in combination in patients with aging skin.

Simply put, the study found that "a comparison of wrinkles, elasticity, moisture, and pigmentation between the application of exosomes (HACS) on one side of the same person's face and the application of saline solution on the opposite side showed greater improvement on the exosome (HACS) side.

Effectiveness Data

Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale scores were significantly higher on the exosome-containing solution treated side than on the control side (p = 0.005), including PRIMOS Premium, Cutometer MPA 580, Corneometer CM 825, Mark-Vu Objective measurements with various instruments confirmed a clinically significant improvement in skin wrinkling, elasticity, moisture, and pigmentation on the HACS-treated side over the control side. Results of histopathological evaluation were consistent with clinical findings. No serious adverse events were observed.

Gyeong-Hun Park, Hyuck Hoon Kwon, Joon Seok, Steven Hoseong Yang, Joon Lee, Byung Chul Park, Eun Shin, Kui Young Park." Efficacy of combined treatment with human adipose tissue stem cell-derived exosome-containing solution and microneedling for facial skin aging": A 12-week Journal of cosmetic dermatology. 2023 Jun 28; doi: 10.1111/jocd.15872.

YouTuber Hikaru also talks about "Dermapen x Exosome" in this video.

Recommended number/frequency of treatments|How many times should I have the treatment?

This item is a question that is often asked during actual counseling, so we will explain it in the form that we actually tell you at the clinic.

How many Dermapen x Exosomes is it best to undergo?"

About 5 to 10 timesI think it would be a good idea to take it.

How long is the best interval between visits?"

1 month intervalis a good idea.

The reason why we do not use an assertive tone is that the effects of cosmetic dermatology procedures vary from person to person, and we are providing information neutrally based on the methods recommended by cosmetic dermatologists in general and the methods recommended by manufacturers. Although we do not make any assurances, we basically recommend that you receive the above-mentioned number of treatments and frequency.



  • Skin texture improvement effect can be obtained.
  • Higher effect in the same amount of time compared to dermapen alone
  • Reduced downtime due to the anti-inflammatory action of exosomes compared to dermapen alone
  • When compared to exosome infusion, it has a higher effect on the skin because of its concentrated approach to the skin.


  • Pain from dermapen.
  • Some downtime (reduced compared to dermapen alone due to the anti-inflammatory effects of exosomes)
  • More expensive than dermapen alone

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