Why does peeling occur after a dermapen? How to deal with and prevent peeling skin

'Why does skin peeling occur after a dermapen?'

Can I peel my own skin after a dermapen?"

How long after the peeling occurs?"

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Many of you may be considering a dermapen procedure and have this concern.

We are anxious to receive any kind of treatment, not only cosmetic, with any doubts.

In this article, based on medical evidence and treatment experience, we will explain the answers to questions such as "why peeling occurs after dermapen," "the course of peeling," and "what to do when peeling occurs.


Why does dermapen cause skin peeling?

Peeling with dermapen is caused by the activation of the skin's regenerative and repair capabilities.

Normally, the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin, undergoes cell division in a cycle of approximately 28 to 48 days, with older cells moving upward.

It is repeatedly regenerated by turnover, where it is pushed up and naturally peeled off as plaque.

Japanese Society of Aesthetic Dermatology. Aesthetic Dermatology, Revised 2nd Edition. Nanzan-do, 2009-05.

The Dermapen procedure is a treatment in which a very fine needle is inserted into the skin, creating tiny holes and intentional wounds to activate the skin's ability to regenerate and repair itself.

Epidermal cells damaged by the dermapen are progressively pushed to the surface of the skin, accelerating the turnover rate and causing the old cells to be eliminated in a peeling state before they naturally peel off as plaque. This is the reason why dermapen treatments cause peeling.

Skin turnover

The stimulation of the dermapen causes rapid turnover, which results in peeling.

When does the peeling start? How long does it last?

Peeling of the dermapen skin varies from person to person, and most people do not experience peeling, but when it does occur, it generally begins 2 to 3 days after the procedure and settles down in about 1 to 2 weeks. It may be easier to understand if you imagine the peeling of the skin when you get sunburned.

The degree of peeling also varies from person to person, but makeup cannot be applied during peeling. Be careful when making your schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our doctors will now answer some frequently asked questions about skin peeling after a dermapen procedure.

Two days after the dermapen procedure, the skin peeled off.
I am curious, can I peel it off by myself?
Dr. Smaski.

Peeling skin after the procedure is something to be concerned about.
As to your question, "Can I peel my own skin?", let me conclude.NG."It is. Do not force yourself to peel it.
After a dermapen treatment, the turnover process is in a state of rapid progress. If the skin (old cells) is forcibly peeled off, the new epidermis, which is still in the process of regeneration, may be peeled off together, causing severe damage to the skin.
It is also possible that the old skin is removed and the immature new skin is exposed to ultraviolet light, which can cause blemishes and skin problems.

How can I avoid peeling with a dermapen?
Dr. Smaski.

To avoid post-dermapen peeling, it is important to pay attention to the following three points immediately after the procedure.
(1) Take adequate measures against ultraviolet rays.
After the procedure, the skin is in a scarred state. The barrier function is weakened and the skin is more susceptible to UV damage, so protecting the skin from UV stimulation with UV-effective hats, masks, parasols, etc. is the best way to prevent peeling.
(2) Adequate moisturizing
Dry skin aggravates peeling. Use skincare products with hypoallergenic ingredients to keep the skin well moisturized. In summer and winter, air-conditioned rooms are especially prone to dryness, so care should be taken to avoid dryness.
(iii) Avoid strenuous exercise and activities that increase body temperature.
Strenuous exercise, sauna, prolonged bathing, or hot baths after dermapen treatment may cause a strong inflammatory reaction. Peeling may also worsen, so avoid strenuous exercise and prolonged input for about a week after the surgery.

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In this issue, I explained about peeling skin after dermapen treatment. I hope that your questions have been answered.

Peeling after dermapen is a normal reaction to the process of beautiful skin renewal from the treatment. If peeling occurs, please do not be in a hurry, avoid irritation, and stay at rest. (If you experience any inflammatory reactions such as pain or fever, be sure to contact your doctor.)

Dermapen is a highly effective procedure that beautifies the skin without incisions. If you are suffering from acne scars, open pores, or a strawberry nose, please consider this treatment.


The Japanese Society of Aesthetic Dermatology. Aesthetic Dermatology, Revised 2nd ed. Nanzando, 2009-05.

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