Doctors explain] Are bumps from water-light injections severe? A specialist doctor explains the causes and countermeasures.

Do you have concerns about "bumpy" or "bloody" after water light injections?

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The "mizu-ko" in "mizu-ko" injections refers to "mizu-ko" skin, which has a shimmering sheen and elasticity and firmness. Although this treatment is designed to give you beautiful skin, some people may be concerned about the impact on their daily lives if the bumps are severe.

In this article, I will explain the causes and process of water light injection bumps and what you can do to avoid severe symptoms, from a medical standpoint.


What is a water light injection?

Hydroxytrichosis is a procedure in which cosmetic ingredients are injected directly into the dermal layer of the skin using a special syringe with nine ultra-fine needles. By adjusting the needle depth, injection volume, and suction pressure, the drug can be delivered evenly deep into the skin while minimizing pain. Various skin beautifying effects can be expected, including an increase in firmness, luster, and transparency, and improvement of spots and wrinkles.

See also the following article for more details.

What is the true nature of the bumps and bruises?

The bumpiness seen after hydroxyapatite injections is a phenomenon called "intradermal papules," which is evidence that the drug has been injected correctly into the dermal layer. In other words, the bumpy areas are a good indication that the treatment has been effective.

The degree and extent of the bumps vary from person to person, but with proper treatment and aftercare, they usually recede naturally within a few days. However, those with keloidal conditions should be conservative in their treatment, as needle scars may remain raised.

Why do people say the bumps are terrible?

Because the water-light injections are needle-puncture procedures, some bumpiness is inevitable to varying degrees.

The bobbing is especially likely to get worse in the following cases

  • If the needle is inserted deeply (more bleeding)
  • If the amount of drug injected is too large
  • If suction pressure is too strong
  • If your skin was sensitive before the treatment

In the past, there have also been cases of severe bumps due to inexperience with the technique. Today, with the introduction of specialized treatment equipment, technical problems are less likely to occur.

Nevertheless, depending on the skill of the surgeon and the equipment used, the possibility remains that the bumps may still be noticeable. It is important to confirm the clinic's track record and policies during the consultation before the procedure.

Points to minimize bumps and bruises

For those who are concerned about bumps and bruises, here are some tips to minimize symptoms.

  1. Choose a doctor/clinic you can trust
    • Make sure that you have an abundant number of cases and that the treatment is carefully performed from the patient's point of view.
  2. Pre-treatment counseling to alleviate concerns.
    • Be sure to inform them of your ideal results and acceptable downtime, and ask them to propose the best plan for you.
  3. Appropriate aftercare
    • Keep the treatment area clean and avoid excessive irritation.
    • Cooling should be used for swelling, and moisturizing should be used to prevent dryness.
    • Alcohol and strenuous exercise should be avoided for several days to promote healing.

Why Smart Skin Clinic's Aquatic Light Injection?

Our clinic offers a wide variety of high quality formulations at low prices, which are very popular among our repeat customers.

The differences from other hospitals are as follows

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For water light injections, go to Smart Skin Clinic.

While the bumpiness of the water-light injections is evidence that the drug is reaching the dermal layer well, you really want to avoid it if possible.

Careful treatment by a skilled physician, including adjustment of needle depth, injection volume, and suction pressure, combined with appropriate aftercare, can minimize the degree and extent of bumpiness while achieving a high skin-lightening effect.

We offer a customized treatment plan for each individual patient. If you would like to learn more about the Hydroxyapatite Injection, please visit us for a free consultation.

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