Doctors' Commentary: Ineffective water light injections? Improvement measures to realize the effect

I've had the hydroxyapatite injections, but I don't feel the effect is good enough..."
My friends say that the hydroxyapatite injections have improved their skin, but it doesn't seem to work for me..."

Hello, I am a doctor at Smart Skin Clinic, a cosmetic dermatology clinic.

Although hydroxyapatite injections are an excellent treatment for skin beautification from the inside, some people say that they do not feel the effects of the treatment.

In this article, we will discuss the causes of ineffectiveness of hydroxyapatite injections and tips on how to maximize their effects from a cosmetic dermatologist's professional standpoint.


What is Aquatic Light Injection?

Hydroxy injections are procedures that inject cosmetic ingredients directly into the dermal layer to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to achieve firm and elastic skin from the inside out. Typical agents include JUVELUX, Rejuran, and Skin Botox.

Five reasons why I feel that water light injections are ineffective.

(1) Individual differences
The effects of hydroxyapatite injections vary from person to person. Skin type, age, lifestyle, and other factors will affect how the effects appear and how easily they are felt.

(2) Appropriate drug selection is not being made.
The effect will vary greatly depending on the agent used. Drugs that do not suit your skin type and concerns may not be effective enough.

(iii) Insufficient injection technology
Hydroxyapatite injections are delicate procedures in which the drug is injected into the skin with nine needles. If the needles are too shallow or the amount injected is too small, the drug will not penetrate the skin, causing a feeling of "no effect.

(4) The required number of treatments has not been met.
Although a single treatment is effective for water light injections, it is important to continue the treatment multiple times for a more realistic experience. If the number of treatments recommended by the clinic is not met, the results may not be satisfactory.

(5) Not understanding how long it takes for the effect to appear.
The effects of hydroxyapatite injections are gradual by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. It takes at least one to two months before visible changes are felt.

5 tips to maximize the effects of water light injections

(1) Select the right drug for your skin type and concerns
It is important to select the appropriate agent for your skin concerns, such as whitening ingredients for those concerned about spots and dullness, or moisturizing ingredients for those concerned about dryness. Consult with your doctor carefully.

(2) Treatment at an experienced clinic
In experienced clinics, the drug can be injected at the proper depth and volume. At our clinic, we have devised a "bumpy" method to allow the drug to penetrate the skin firmly.

(iii) Compliance with the recommended number and frequency of treatments
In general, three to six treatments of hydroxyapatite injections are recommended every two to four weeks. Continuity is the most important aspect of cosmetic treatment. Make sure to go to the clinic frequently to realize the results.

(iv) Understand how long it takes for effects to appear.
Hydroxyapatite injections promote the production of collagen and elastin from deep within the skin. Therefore, the effect will appear gradually over time, not immediately after the treatment, but over a month or two.

5) Appropriate preoperative and postoperative skin care
Careful skin care before and after the procedure will further enhance the effects of the hydroxy injections. Keep your skin well-moisturized and well conditioned.

Smart Skin Clinic's commitment to water light injections

We strive to tailor our water-light injections to each individual patient.

1) A wide variety of drugs, mainly skin boosters and non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid
(2) Low prices that are easy to use at all times
(3) Firm needle penetration and drug penetration into the skin
(4) Fine customization for each part is possible.
5) Easy-to-understand pricing with no additional costs

For water light injections, go to Smart Skin Clinic.

There are many reasons why people feel that water light injections are ineffective.

The most important thing is to choose the right drug for you and the appropriate number of times and frequency of treatments, and to achieve ideal skin while placing importance on communication with the physician and the patient.

Our clinic's water light injections bring out the best results with our special formulations and careful treatment. If you are interested, please contact us for a consultation.

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