Rejuran injection (Salmon injection)

Rejuran injection (also known as salmon injection) is a procedure to improve skin texture by injecting a preparation (Rejuran) containing polynucleotides.

There are four types of Rejuran plus one, so choose the appropriate Rejuran for each purpose.


What is Rejuran injection (= Salmon injection)?

This treatment improves skin texture by injecting Rejelan into the face and neck using a syringe.

Polydeoxynucleotides (PDRN), a component of Rejuran, are extracted from salmon DNA,

  • Increase growth factors
  • Promotes capillary circulation
  • DNA resynthesis

and other functions in the dermis of the skin, thereby naturally increasing components such as collagen and elastin in the skin. This improves the quality of the skin by making it more supple and luminous, reducing the appearance of pores, and improving the makeup application process.

In addition to polydeoxynucleotides, Rejuran also contains a component called "astaxanthin. This component has a high "antioxidant effect. Its antioxidant effect is said to be about 1,000 times that of vitamin E. Oxidation of the skin causes aging, leading to spots, wrinkles, and sagging. Antioxidant action can be expected to improve these conditions.

There are four types of Rejuran+1 type.

There are a total of four types of Rejuran. Each one has different effects, so you need to choose the right Rejelan for your problem, rather than lumping them all together as "Rejelan". (You can choose by yourself or our doctors can suggest the right formulation for your purpose.)

We will explain what and how each is different in an easy-to-understand manner.

(1) Rejuran (Healer) (*Not introduced in this hospital)

Rejran Healer

When we say "Rejelan," we are basically referring to this Rejelan Healer. If you want to improve the skin quality of the whole face, Rejelan Healer would be suitable for you.

Four indicators are given below to help you understand how it differs from other rejurants.

Main IngredientsPolynucleotides 20mg/cc
hardnessduring (a certain time when one did or is doing something)
EffectPowerful skin texture improvement
PainOften painful when injected (there is no objective data, but some subjectively say it is several times more painful than Botox)
price market60,000-100,000 yen

(2) Rejuran HB

Rejuran HB

HB stands for "Hydro Booster.A formulation that adds two effects to Rejuran Healer: (1) moisturizing and shine-enhancing effect, and (2) pain-relieving effect.You can think of it as a good idea. The disadvantage compared to healers is that they are more expensive.

Main IngredientsPolynucleotide 10mg/cc + Hyaluronic Acid (HA) 10mg + Lidocaine 2.8mg/cc
hardnessduring (a certain time when one did or is doing something)
EffectRejuran Healer + moisturizing and shine effects
PainLess. Study data shows that the inclusion of lidocaine reduced pain by 561 TP3T in the Liduran Healer comparison.
price market80,000-120,000 yen

(iii) Rejuran i

Rejuran i

As the name "i" implies, this is a special eye-area rejuan that excels at "eye" (around the eyes). Its hardness and absorption rate into the skin are refined into a form suitable for the eye area. If you have concerns about the eye area rather than the entire face, you should choose "i" instead of Healer. Since it is only for the eye area, it has the advantage of being less expensive than the Healer.

Main IngredientsPolynucleotides 20mg/cc
EffectImprovement of wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes
PainMedium to small
price market30,350 - 60,000 yen

(4) Rejuran s (*Not introduced in our clinic)

Rejuran s

This is the most specialized formulation of the four Rejuran products. Specifically, it is used for localized areas such as acne scar craters, depressions, and scar indentations. It is used only in a few clinics due to its limited usage. Our clinic has not introduced it either.

hardnessamount of money
EffectAcne scar improvement, craters, indentations
PainMedium to small

(5) Rejuran + Botox [a.k.a. Actress Injection] (*Not introduced in our clinic)

There are four types of pure Rejuran so far, and this is a combination (blend) formulation. Specifically, this is a formulation of Rejuran (Healer or I or HB) mixed with Botox.

The effect of Botox is added to the previously mentioned effect of Rejuran. Botox, when injected into the shallow layers of the skin, can suppress sebum secretion, reduce pores, and inhibit fine lines and wrinkles. (The method of injecting Botox for this effect is called skin Botox.)

Main IngredientsPolynucleotides 20mg/cc + botulinum toxin
PainStrong to medium
price market42,800 yen - 120,000 yen
Actress Injection is a registered trademark of SBC.

Generic] Chiara Leju

This is not the Rejuran variety,Riguran GenericThis will be an introduction to injectable formulations such as

Rejuran has "polynucleotides (PDRN)" as its main ingredient, and was patented with it. However, the patent has recently expired, and several polynucleotide-based formulations are now available.

One of these will be "Chiara Lege".

The main ingredient is a polynucleotide similar to Rejuran, but because it is a generic product, it is less expensive than Rejuran due to lower research and development costs.

Smart Skin Clinic handles Kiara Reju, and if you are interested in this product, please see the following article.


Short-term and medium- to long-term effects

From a relatively early stage (short term), the effects such as improved skin luster and makeup application can often be felt.

Subsequently (mid- to long-term), improvement in fine lines, pores, and sagging skin can be felt.

In summary, the following effects can be achieved in the short, medium and long term

  • Improvement of skin texture (improvement of skin elasticity and luster)
  • Pores become less noticeable.
  • Improvement of sagging (lines, etc.)
  • Improvement of fine lines and dark circles around the eyes


Basically more than 1 year.

The idea of duration is not quite correct. For example, with hyaluronic acid, a foreign body is "physically" placed, and once it is gone, the duration is over.

On the other hand, in the case of Rejuran, polynucleotides stimulate fibroblasts to naturally produce collagen and elastin. In other words, the body's own produced substances (collagen and elastin), not foreign substances, are used to improve skin quality, so the idea of duration is not correct.

The duration (≒aging) will vary depending on subsequent skin care and lifestyle.

Effects on the under-eye area

Rejuran i is a specialized formulation for under the eyes.

If you suffer from dark circles and fine lines under your eyes, you can expect to see these improvements. Please see the following article for a more detailed explanation of its effectiveness.

Effect on laugh lines

Compared to surgical procedures, the changes are not as dramatic.

However, by increasing collagen and elastin deep within the skin, the firmness and elasticity of the skin can be increased, which can be expected to have a lifting effect. It is expected to be effective not only for laugh lines, but also for gorgon lines and marionette lines.

If you expect the above effect, you should choose "Healer" or "HB" instead of Ridgerun "i".

Recommended number and frequency of treatments

Three to four times, spaced about three weeks apart. After that, maintenance once every six months to a year.

Three types of injection methods

Since Rejuran is a formulation, there are three major options for injecting it into the skin.

(1) Physician's handshake

doctor's help

This one may be easier to visualize. The physician performs the injection by hand.

  • Depth of injection
  • Injection volume
  • Injection Density

The appeal of this system is that it enables the optimal approach for each individual's skin condition, as it allows for fine-tuning of the

For the entire face, aqueous injections are an option, but for the eye area, manual injections are a good choice.

Price quotes are higher than for other injection methods.

(2) Water-photon injections

Aqueous light injections are machines that can be loaded with various preparations and injected into the skin. It may be easier to understand when we say "a machine that automates the injection process."

Since the depth of injection and drug dosage can be set by the machine, (1) uniform injection is possible and (2) the treatment time is short.

This is recommended if you want to inject the entire face, neck, etc.

I would also say that the advantage is that the price is lower for the same formulation than for a doctor's manual injection.

(iii) Dermapen

Dermapen is a procedure in which tiny holes are made in the skin with a very fine needle. Rejelan is applied and poured into these holes.

Each injection method has its strengths and weaknesses. In the case of Rejuran, it is basically better to inject by hand or by hydrophotonic injection.

Recommended injection method

If you have any of the following desires, a doctor's manual surgery will be recommended.

  • skin round one's eyes
  • I have a problem with a specific area of my face
  • I want the doctor to take a close look at it and hit it.

Otherwise, you may want to consider aquatic light injections.


Information about Rejuran has been circulating on social networking sites, saying that it was "painful" and "sore".

Unfortunately, this is a fact and is more painful when compared to other injection-based formulations. This is not a matter of the physician's skill, but rather a characteristic of the formulation.

However, this information is often reported when Ridjulan "healer" is applied to all faces.

If you are concerned about pain, we recommend that you choose Rejuran "HB".


We will explain the downtime and progress of a typical case.

Immediately after injection

A number of fine bulges, similar to mosquito bites, occur in conformity with the injection site. Redness may also occur.

a few hours later

A fine bulge immediately after injection is gradually absorbed. Redness may persist.

24 hours later (next day)

It is not completely the same as it was before the procedure, but it will be almost completely unnoticeable.

3 days later

In many cases, the downtime is over.

1 to 2 weeks later

In most cases, when internal bleeding occurs, it lasts about 1~2 weeks.

The following article explains the process in more detail, so please refer to it if you are concerned about downtime.

Kiara Reju, a polynucleotide formulation similar to Rejuran

Chiara Rege Product Images

Rejuran is a formulation whose main ingredient is a polynucleotide (PDRN).

This polynucleotide is sometimes called "salmon injection" because it is derived from salmon.

Rejuran was patented as a formulation using this "polynucleotide," but this patent has recently expired, and several inexpensive formulations using polynucleotides are now available.

One of these will be "Kiara Reju" injections.

Like Rejuran, it is a polynucleotide-based formulation and is less expensive than Rejuran.

At Smart Skin Clinic, the following prices are available for Chiara Rejuvenation injections with water light injections.

1 bottle (2.2cc)
Once24,800 yen → 22,320 yen
3 sets68,400 yen → 58,140 yen
(per time)19,380 yen)
4 sets79,200 yen → 63,360 yen
(per time)15,840 yen)
2 bottles (4.4 cc)
Once34,800 yen → 31,320 yen
3 sets92,400 yen → 78,540 yen
(per time)26,180 yen)
4 sets115,200 yen → 92,160 yen
(per time)23,040 yen)
3 bottles (6.6cc)
Initial Price36,800 yen
Once39,800 yen → 35,820 yen
3 sets104,400 yen →. 88,740 yen
(per time)29,580 yen)
4 sets131,200 yen →. 104,960 yen
(per time)26,240 yen)

To learn more about Chiarallege, please also see the following articles.


doctor's help

Rejuran i
Once48,000 yen → 39,800 yen
3 sets144,000 yen → 116,400 yen
(38,800 yen per session)
4 sets192,000 yen → 151,200 yen
(37,800 yen per session)

Vital Injector

Rejuran (HB)
*Ridjulan with 561 TP3T less pain than Ridjulan (healer)

1 bottle (2cc)
Once62,200 yen → 55,980 yen
3 sets179,400 yen → 152,490 yen
(per time)50,830 yen)
4 sets228,800 yen → 183,040 yen
(per time)45,760 yen)

Flow of treatment


You can easily make reservations with your mobile phone.

Reception (desk)

This is a "smart" and easy receptionist service that can be completed immediately by the clinic's IT system by simply providing your name.

Counseling and medical examination

Please feel free to discuss any concerns you may have during the counseling session. Please be assured that there is no pushy sales.

Rejuran injection

We will carry out the infusion while talking to you.

After-sales service

We will explain in detail about the care of the treated area and precautions for daily life. We also suggest appropriate home care from the viewpoint of prevention and maintenance, such as oral medicines and skin care cosmetics that can be expected to improve your problems.

Returning home


Does it work after just one visit?
Dr. Smaski.

Of course, one repetition is effective. However, we basically recommend a set of 3 or 4 repetitions to maximize the effect.

What is the difference from regular hyaluronic acid injections?
Dr. Smaski.

Conventional hyaluronic acid injections create volume by "physically" placing hyaluronic acid under the skin. Rejelan, however, uses polynucleotides and other ingredients to stimulate the skin's fibroblast cells to naturally produce collagen and other substances, thereby creating volume.

Can I wear makeup after the procedure?
Dr. Smaski.

We recommend that you avoid it for about 24 hours, as it leaves a small hole in your skin.

Is there pain?
Dr. Smaski.

Although it varies from person to person, there is a stinging pain at the moment the needle is inserted and pain when the drug is injected. Rejuran (Healer) is said to be more painful. If you are concerned about pain, Rejuran HB is recommended.

Is there any downtime?
Dr. Smaski.

There is a little. The duration of downtime for Rejuran is about 2 to 3 days, and most of the time it is about a week at most.

Will it go back to normal after a while?
Dr. Smaski.

Some may think that injecting Rejuran "may be meaningless because it will revert back to its original state...".
However, there is no doubt that collagen and elastin increase naturally after a Rejuran shot. This does not last a lifetime, of course, because people age. This is because human beings age. On the other hand, if you do nothing, you will simply age, and you can expect to be a better you than if you did nothing.

Those who are not eligible for the treatment

Pregnant or nursing mothers

Those with abnormal immune function or a history of such abnormality, and those undergoing immunosuppressive therapy.

Those prone to keloid formation, hypertrophic scars and hyperpigmentation

Those with bleeding tendency or using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics such as aspirin or anticoagulants such as warfarin

Excessive sunburn, eczema, dermatitis, acne, or scabs at the injection site

Risks and Side Effects

of the needle puncture site.

Redness, swelling, pain, edema

Intravascular hemorrhage

Temporary protuberance

[regarding the polynucleotides that are a component of the Riguran injections].
Because salmon has a structure very similar to human DNA, it is safe and the risk of side effects from this ingredient is virtually non-existent.

More Information

Treatment Time30~40 minutes (not including counseling)
Recommended number and frequency of treatmentsAlthough it varies depending on the drug, we recommend 3 to 4 sessions at roughly 3-week intervals.
Thereafter, maintenance is recommended every six months to a year.
Down timeAbout 2 to 3 days
Treatment on the day of counselingPossible
MakePossible after about 24 hours
Skin carePossible immediately after the treatment
ShowerPossible from the same day
Pain(1) Prick pain when the needle is inserted
(2) Pain when injecting the drug
*There are individual differences.

Legal description

Rejuran includes treatments using medicines or medical devices that are not approved in Japan. The medicines and devices used in the treatment have been imported on a personal import basis based on the judgment of our physicians.

Please refer to this page for information on medicines, etc. that should be noted for personal importation.
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, "Medicines, etc. that Require Caution in Personal Importation".

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Specialty: Cosmetic dermatology (cosmetic dermatology, medical hair removal, medical slimming)

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About the physician supervision of this site

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This page is produced under the supervision of our supervising physician, who also operates the website as a medical institution in accordance with the Medical Advertising Guidelines, which were revised and enforced in June 2018.