A doctor explains Potenza's "Macomb" in simple terms.

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What effect would Potenza's makum have?"
What's the muckum on the menu at Potenza?"
'What's the point of taking Potenza and Macomb together?'

Hello, I am a doctor at Smart Skin Clinic.

Do you have these questions about Potenza and Macomb?

Potenza treatments are sometimes combined with or optional with a "makoom".

This article discusses the Potenza andWhat are the benefits of Macomb?The doctor will explain the following in an easy-to-understand manner.
Knowing about Potenza and Macomb will help you understand the synergistic effects of each and their combined use.


What is Potenza in the first place?

Potenza is a microneedle RF treatment that uses microneedles to pierce the skin surface and irradiate RF (radiofrequency waves, a type of high frequency) to penetrate the skin. The "wound healing mechanism," which tries to repair the skin from the damage caused by the needles and RF heat energy, works to produce collagen and elastin, and the heat from the RF can also be expected to tighten the skin.

By using a variety of tips with different numbers and lengths of needles and different agents, we can address various skin problems such as "acne," "acne scar craters," "wrinkles and sagging skin," "red face," and "melasma.

Potenza is superior to the "Dermapen" microneedle treatment in that it can deliver RF radiation directly from the needle tip to the dermal layer, avoiding damage to the surface skin, and because the RF stops bleeding in the needle hole, the drug is absorbed into the skin while suctioning the skin, so the drug is not pushed back and is evenly delivered to the dermal layer. The drug is not pushed back and can be delivered evenly to the dermis layer.

What is Macroom?

In medical terms, MacComb is a "PLLA (polylactic acid) preparation" developed for Potenza. PLLA preparations have been used in the medical field for dissolvable sutures and facial injection preparations.

In a nutshell, the effect of MacComb is to stimulate collagen production.

Once it enters the body, macoum is broken down into water and carbon dioxide over a period of several months to about two years, and at the same time, collagen production is stimulated. Therefore, once the makum enters the dermal layer, it can be expected to have an effect on acne scar craters.

In fact, in the following paper, a comparison was made after three treatments between "application of polylactic acid and microneedle RF wave (≒Potenza)" and "application of saline solution and microneedle RF wave" on one side of the acne scars on the cheeks, and on the other side, "application of saline solution and microneedle RF wave". The data showed that the combination of polylactic acid and microneedle RF waves had a significantly better effect on the smoothness, size, and overall improvement of the acne scars.

Min K An, Eun H Hong, Suk B Suh, Eun J Park, Kwang H Kim "Combination Therapy of Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency and Topical Poly- Lactic Acid for Acne Scars: A Randomized Controlled Split-Face Study. "Dermatologic surgery : official publication for American Society for for Dermatologic Surgery [et al.]. 2020 Jun;46(6);796-802. doi: 10.1097/DSS.00000000000000002175.

However, PLLA preparations that are not dedicated to Potenza are not recommended due to their large molecular weight and the risk of granuloma (chronic inflammatory reaction).


I hope you have learned more about the effects of Potenza and Macomb.

Potenza's expected effects include wound healing and skin tightening by microneedling and RF irradiation. Expected effects of MAC-UM are collagen production enhancement by PLLA formulation.

While Potenza alone is expected to be effective in treating acne scars, a synergistic effect has been observed when Potenza is used in combination with MacComb. Those who have had insufficient results from other treatments or Potenza alone should definitely consider using Macrom in combination.


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