Doctors' Commentary: Is it true that Potenza is "ineffective"? A simple explanation!

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I've had potenza, but it doesn't seem to be working."
I'm considering getting potenza, but are the rumors true that it won't work?"

Hello, I am a doctor at Smart Skin Clinic, a cosmetic dermatology clinic.

Do you have any of these questions or concerns?
This article will provide a clear explanation from a medical standpoint as to why Potenza, which is supposed to be effective, is said to be "ineffective.


Conclusion: Potenza "works."

Potenza is sometimes said to be "ineffective," but I have to conclude.It works.".

For example, effects on acne, acne scar craters, wrinkles and sagging, open pores, red face, melasma, etc., and skin rejuvenation effects can be expected.

In fact, in the following article, a systematic review of RF wave therapy (Potenza) from 2000 to 2021 has been conducted and the conclusion is that RF wave therapy has been used primarily for acne scarring, skin rejuvenation, and has shown to be effective medically.

Syder.Nicole C. BA, Chen.Alessandra MD, Elbuluk.Nada MD.MScm, Radiofrequency and Radiofrequency Microneedling in Skin of Color: A Review of Usage, Safety, and Efficacy, Dermatologic Surgery 49(5):p 489-493, May 2023.

Why Potenza is "ineffective"?

Potenza may be said to be "ineffective" because it was not yet time to feel the effects, because the duration of the effect has ended, or because it was not indicated.

Felt "ineffective" because it was not yet time to feel the effects

Most of Potenza's effects are brought about by the "wound healing mechanism" that heals wounds caused by microneedling (ultrafine needles) and RF (radiofrequency waves, a type of radiofrequency) irradiation by itself. When the wound-healing mechanism is activated, collagen and elastin, which produce elasticity and firmness of the skin, are increased,It takes about 2-4 weeks to realize this effectIt is.

In addition, although Potenza is effective with a single treatment, it is easier to feel the effects of the treatment if you receive it multiple times. The standard time to feel the effects is after 3 or more treatments every 2 to 4 weeks for melasma, and every 4 to 6 weeks for acne, acne scar craters, wrinkles, sagging, open pores, and red face. In other words, the best time to see results is approximately 3 to 4 months after the first treatment.

Felt "ineffective" because the duration of the effect was over.

The collagen and elastin that is increased after the Potenza procedure is not permanent. Thereafter, the density will gradually decrease. The duration of the effect is approximately 6 months, and you may feel "ineffective" if more than 6 months have passed. It is easier to maintain the effect by having regular treatments before you feel "ineffective" after time has passed after Potenza.

Potenza was not indicated and therefore not effective

Any treatment will not be effective if it is "off-label". For example, Potenza is effective for mild wrinkles and sagging, but not for severe sagging. To avoid "ineffective" results with Potenza, make sure you understand how Potenza works and how it works before you start treatment.

Understand how Potenza works.

Understand the effectiveness of Potenza from the mechanism.

Potenza is a device that utilizes microneedling and RF and is used for a wide range of skin problems.
By piercing the skin with microneedles, the skin can be expected to become firmer and more elastic using its own wound-healing power, tightening of the skin with RF treatment, and penetration of drugs with a drug delivery system.

For example, for wrinkles and sagging skin, RF is applied with a needle-free tip to tighten the shallow to deep layers of the skin through thermal stimulation, which can be expected to improve the results. However, if there is excess skin or a large volume of fat, Potenza may not be able to handle it.

For more information on how Potenza works, please see the following article.

Potenza is divided into immediate and medium- to long-term effects.

Potenza has "immediate effects" and, as with other microneedling treatments, "medium- to long-term effects.

  • Immediate effects: collagen contraction, skin tightening
  • Medium- to long-term effects: Acceleration of turnover, collagen and elastin production

Potenza delivers the heat energy generated during RF irradiation to the dermal layer, which leads to skin tightening. In addition, by using an ultra-fine needle to create microscopic holes in the skin, the skin is able to repair itself, which in turn promotes turnover and collagen production. The turnover cycle is approximately 28 days.

Option to consider another treatment if it is not effective.

If you are reading this, you are either considering taking Potenza or you have taken Potenza and found it ineffective.

If so, I am sure you have some kind of "expected effect" or "skin problem you have".

For example, as an example, you may have a problem such as "I want to improve acne scars" or "I want to improve redness". In that case, JUVELUX injections would be a good option.

If you are interested in Jubeluk injections, please also see the following articles

In addition, if you want to "make your skin firmer overall," "improve sagging," "worry about lines," etc., Profibro injections may be an option for you.

Profilo case photo

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Have your questions and concerns about Potenza being "ineffective" been answered?

Potenza is a treatment for acne, acne scar craters, wrinkles, sagging, open pores, red face, and melasma. There are various effects, but there are "effects that appear immediately" such as tightening, and "effects that appear over the medium to long term" such as the increase of collagen and elastin, and since the duration of effects is not permanent, you may feel "ineffective" depending on the time after the treatment.

By understanding in advance how the effects will manifest themselves, and by repeating treatments at appropriate intervals, it will be easier to realize the true benefits of the treatment.


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