Does SUNECOS not work? A cosmetic dermatologist explains why.

I'm curious about SUNECOS, but I've read on social media that it doesn't work..."

I've had SUNECOS, but I don't feel it's working..."

Hello, I am a doctor at Smart Skin Clinic, a cosmetic dermatology clinic.

I am sure you all have these questions.

SUNECOS is a popular treatment, but even if you want to take it, you may be worried about whether you can really take it due to information on social networking sites.

Therefore, from a cosmetic dermatologist's point of view, I would like to explain why snecos are said to be ineffective and provide appropriate information about snecos. Please read on.


What is SUNECOS?

SNECOS is an injectable formulation that contains non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid plus six types of amino acids. These two ingredients stimulate the fibroblast cells in the deep part of the skin, called the dermis, and increase the components that produce skin firmness and elasticity, such as collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. (Remodeling)

What is non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid?

There are two types of hyaluronic acid: "cross-linked" and "non-cross-linked." The cross-linked type is the conventional hyaluronic acid that everyone has a quick image of. Specifically, hyaluronic acid is a solid substance that is filled deep into the skin to increase the skin's firmness and elasticity.

On the other hand, non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid injects soft hyaluronic acid, rather than solid material, which penetrates to naturally replenish skin firmness and elasticity and increase volume.

What is remodeling?

It is to promote the synthesis of collagen and elastin in the dermis of the skin and rebuild the skin.

Why is SUNECOS "ineffective"?

Not receiving the required number of

When injecting Snekos for dark circles and fine lines under the eyes,It is recommended by SUNECOS officials to hit in sets of "three to four."

In other words, if you have received only one SUNECOS, you may feel that it is ineffective.

Various clinical studies have been conducted on SUNECOS, and data such as the effect was maximized by injecting the product three or more times. For example, the following paper concludes that three injections of SUNECOS around the eyes resulted in improvement of dark circles under the eyes.

Ayse Gul Kabakci, et al. Assessing the Rejuvenation Effectiveness of a Hyaluronic Acid and Amino Acid Mixture in the Periorbital Region. Investig Dermatol. 2023; 16: 973-980.

Not receiving the required dosage (cc)

Even if the SUNECOS itself is effective, if the required dosage (cc) is not injected, the effect may be diminished, resulting in a feeling of "no effect".

As for the snecos, if it is around the eyes, the left and right sides together, depending on the individual.About 3 cc is the right amountI think it is a good idea.

Failure to inject at the appropriate site and depth (physician's technique)

SNECOS will be a skin remodeling preparation. As I mentioned earlier, remodeling takes place in the deeper part of the skin, called the dermis.

In other words, it is important that the snecos be injected into this area and depth called the "dermis".

This one involves the injection technique of the physician.

Purpose and effect are not aligned.

SUNECOS is a particularly strong formulation for dark circles under the eyes and fine lines around the eyes. Therefore, the objective is to choose SUNEKOS for these improvement purposes.

However, if your goal is to treat sagging cheeks or blemishes, you will probably feel "ineffective" because SUNECOS is not a suitable option.

Important points to realize the benefits of SUNECOS.

Receive the recommended number of treatments and frequency

Snekos, in the case of injections around the eyes,

Set 3-4 times, once every 2 weeks

The effectiveness of the treatment is maximized by performing it in the following manner. When undergoing SUNECOS, we believe that you can reduce the feeling of "no effect" by adhering to the recommended number of treatments and frequency.

Understand when to be effective.

It is important to understand that this is a procedure that will take effect over time, not immediately after the treatment.

Specifically, about 10-14 days after the procedure, you will begin to feel the effects of increased water content and collagen/elastin inside the skin. The effects are maximized about 2 months after the initial injection.

This is because the treatment does not inject a solid substance like conventional hyaluronic acid, but rather works on the skin cells to naturally produce firmness and elasticity.

Consult a physician familiar with snecos.

As mentioned earlier, it is important to inject at the appropriate site and depth in order to achieve the best results with the SUNECOS.

Since this is a procedure where "technical differences" occur, it is advisable to consult a doctor who is familiar with SUNECOS injections if you want to experience the effects of this procedure.

Go to Smart Skin Clinic for Snechos.

SUNECOS can be an effective procedure if performed in an appropriate manner. When undergoing SUNECOS, it is advisable to keep in mind the points explained in this article.

At Smart Skin Clinic, we are committed to performing SUNECOS and injection-based procedures. The SUNECOS injections1,000 cases.exceeded the
*Number of cases|From September 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024

Please feel free to contact us when considering SUNECOS.

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