How long is the downtime and what are the symptoms of Jubeluk? Precautions and countermeasures.

How long is the downtime for Jubelq? What are the symptoms?"

Will my work and daily routine be affected during my downtime in Jubeluk?"

Do you have these questions about downtime in Jubeluk?

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JUVELUX has been attracting much anticipation for its effectiveness in improving various skin problems such as firmness, pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and acne scars. However, there are those who would like to try JUVELUX, but are concerned about the downtime and are hesitant to try it.

In this article, we will explain the duration and symptoms of Jubelq downtime as well as downtime measures from a medical standpoint in an easy-to-understand manner.


Downtime duration and symptoms of Jubeluk

The length of downtime and symptoms of Jubelq are described.

Length of downtime

Downtime for Jubelq is basically 24 hours.

Symptoms of downtime in Jubeluk

Jubelq has the following downtime symptoms

  • Pain
  • blush
  • swelling
  • edema
  • Temporary protuberance
  • internal hemorrhage

JUVELUX is a procedure in which a formulation is injected with a needle. As with other injection treatments, normal reactions may include redness, soreness, and bumps at the injection site, but most will return to normal in about 24 hours.

Internal bleeding may also occur at the site of the needle puncture. Initially, internal bleeding is reddish-purple in color, but it gradually turns yellow while becoming thinner and less noticeable, and fades over 10-14 days. Internal bleeding can be covered with concealer or other makeup.

The mild and transient nature of JUVELUX's downtime symptoms is described in the following research article, "Injection of PDLLA (≈JUVELUX's component material) for lower eyelid rejuvenation in over 100 Taiwanese patients".

Our filler choice is injectable poly-d,l-lactic acid (PDLLA; AestheFill; REGEN). (The total amount of filler injection is not more than 2 ml on each side. (...)Only some mild and transient post-injection complications such as edema, erythema, and ecchymosis were found.

Japanese translation: Our filler of choice is injectable poly-d,l-lactic acid (PDLLA). (The depth of injection is below the dermis layer. The total volume of filler injection is no more than 2 ml per side. (omitted) Only mild and transient post-injection complications such as edema, erythema, and mottled hemorrhage have been observed.

Citation:Jui-Yu Lin, Chuan-Yuan Lin. Nonsurgical lower eyelid rejuvenation using injectable poly-d,l-lactic acid in Asian patients. 2022 Oct;21(10);4328-4331. doi: 10.1111/jocd.15047.

How to spend the downtime period and what to expect

Here are some tips on how to spend the downtime period and what to expect.

Do not touch the treatment area

Because of the delicate condition of the affected area after the Jubeluk procedure, keep it clean and avoid touching it unnecessarily.

Routes of infection include contaminated drugs, needles, and indigenous bacteria. Because of the presence of indigenous bacteria on the skin, the risk of infection is not zero even with clean needles and drugs.

Restrictions on bathing and exercise.

After the Jubeluk procedure, there are restrictions on bathing and exercise.

  • Bathing: Possible from the next day
  • Sauna, strenuous exercise, beauty treatments, and alcohol consumption: possible after approx.

Although the needle wounds are visually small, the body is in the process of healing from the wounds and will have downtime symptoms as a normal reaction. All of these symptoms will subside over time, but excessive warmth may cause more severe symptoms. Please refrain from any activity that stimulates blood circulation, as this may increase swelling and internal bleeding.

Ensure moisturizing and UV protection.

During the downtime of Jubeluk, be sure to keep your skin moisturized and protected from UV rays.

Dryness leads to all kinds of skin problems, and UV rays are considered to be 80% of the causes of aging. The barrier function of the skin after treatment is reduced, making it drier than usual and more susceptible to external damage such as ultraviolet rays. Use hats and parasols.

Measures to reduce downtime symptoms

Here are some measures patients can take on their own to reduce downtime symptoms.

Pain and swelling should be cooled.

The appearance of downtime symptoms varies from person to person, but if pain and swelling are painful or noticeable and bothersome, intermittent cooling may help alleviate them. However, too much continuous cooling may cause frostbite. Wrap the coolant in a towel and take care not to cool the area for more than 20 minutes at a time.

If pain and swelling gradually increase, consult the clinic as infection may have occurred.

Observe life precautions

To avoid prolonged downtime, observe the following lifestyle precautions.

  • Bathing is allowed from the next day.
  • Avoid sauna and other activities that stimulate blood circulation for about a week.
  • Ensure moisturizing and UV protection.
  • Avoid touching the affected area as much as possible and keep items that come in contact with the skin clean.

Makeup and skin care can be applied immediately after the procedure, and showering is allowed on the same day. Do not overheat your body and protect it from external factors such as dryness and ultraviolet rays.


The following are answers to frequently asked questions about downtime for Jubelq.

Can I work during my downtime in Jubeluk?

General desk work is possible. Physical work that causes sweating is more likely to cause downtime symptoms.

If you have a job where you are in public or your face is seen, you may experience discomfort for about a week. Take your schedule into consideration when undergoing treatment.

Will the downtime of the Jubeluk be obvious that it has been done?

Downtime is mild, but varies from person to person.

In addition, when internal bleeding appears, it will gradually fade over a period of 1 week to 10 days. It will be less noticeable if covered with makeup.

Please consult Smart Skin Clinic for Jubeluk downtime.

At Smart Skin Clinic, we provide detailed information on how to spend downtime and what to expect from Jubelq. In addition to the procedure, we can also offer home care suggestions for prevention and maintenance, including internal medications and skin care cosmetics to improve your concerns.

If you have any concerns about downtime for JUVELUX, please feel free to contact us.

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Jui-Yu Lin, Chuan-Yuan Lin. Nonsurgical lower eyelid rejuvenation using injectable poly-d,l-lactic acid in Asian patients. 2022 Oct;21(10);4328-4331. doi: 10.1111/jocd.15047.

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