Detailed explanation of the symptoms and course of downtime for Velvet Skin.

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I'd like to have Velvet Skin, but I'd like to know more about the symptoms and progression of downtime."

I'm worried about the downtime for Velvetskin..."

How do I spend my downtime?"

Hello, I am a doctor at Smart Skin Clinic.

Do you have any of these problems?

Before undergoing a cosmetic procedure, you may be unable to take the plunge because you are inevitably worried about the impact on your daily life.

I myself undergo various cosmetic procedures, so I know exactly how you feel.

Therefore, from the standpoint of a cosmetic dermatologist, we will explain the symptoms and course of downtime of Velvet Skin in a medical and easy-to-understand manner.


Downtime of Velvet Skin [Symptoms and Progress].

As for downtime,'What symptoms occur at what point in time?'I am sure you would like to know the following, so I will explain it in chronological order from the day you received the velvet skin.

Immediately after treatment(on the day)

[Tingling and burning sensation/pain in the skin].
Immediately after the Velvet Skin treatment, I feel a "burning" sensation that is almost 100% tingling. I also felt it. This is due to the fact that the Velvetskin procedure is a dermapen + [massage peel] procedure. Massage peel is a type of peeling agent, and peeling is a treatment applied to the face to mainly exfoliate the horny layer and promote skin turnover. Since the horny layer is peeled off, it is characterized by a tingling sensation.

In the case of Velvet Skin, a dermapen is used to make needle holes in the skin and then a peeling agent is applied to the skin...can you imagine? Yes, it is more painful than using a normal peeling agent. This is because the peeling agent penetrates deep into the skin because of the holes in the skin.

On the other hand, it is not all bad, of course. The peeling agent penetrates deep into the skin and is highly effective.

[Bleeding, redness].
This is an individualized procedure, but it will inevitably occur immediately after the procedure. Since the skin is punctured with a needle, there will be some bleeding and redness. On the other hand, the dermapen needle depth can be adjusted from 0.2mm~1.5mm, but in the case of Velvet Skin, the needle depth is often 0.5mm, so the bleeding and redness is often less than if the dermapen is normally done at 1.0mm.

2nd to 3rd day

[Internal bleeding, redness
Basically, pain is only immediately after the procedure. The next day to the third day, almost everyone will experience internal bleeding and redness.

4th day to about 1 week

[Internal bleeding, redness
Some people's internal bleeding/redness improves at this time of year. Although this is based on our medical experience, it is a 50/50 impression.

A symptom specific to this period is peeling. The extent and degree varies from person to person, but may occur over the entire area to be treated.

Also, in comparison to the Dermapen alone, peeling can occur with the Dermapen, but it is more likely to occur with Velvet Skin than with the Dermapen. This is because the massage peel has the effect of "promoting skin turnover". Therefore, the peeling itself may be painful (but not painful), but it is a good effect, so let's do our best.

Below are the case photos from our clinic. This is a photo taken 4 days after the procedure. There is peeling of the skin and some internal bleeding and redness.

Velvet Skin Downtime

Basically, the downtime for Velvet Skin is the above process.About 7~10 daysIt would be safe to assume that the

How to spend your downtime

Next, we will discuss how to spend the downtime.

Although the recommended time varies from clinic to clinic, we have listed the general time recommended from a medical standpoint.

Makeup, skin care
OK from 12 hours after the treatment.

As for skin care, it is recommended that you do not put on a variety of products, but rather that you use a moisturizer to keep the skin well hydrated. Some clinics also sell creams that contain anti-inflammatory ingredients, so using those is also recommended. (e.g. Care Thea Cream, etc.) For a few days after the Velvet Skin treatment, the skin will be in a very dry state, so it is important to keep it well moisturized.

Showering and bathing
The face can be treated from 12 hours after the procedure, and from the face down can be treated immediately after the procedure.

Bathing should be done the next day or later.

Also, when washing your face, especially for about 3 days after the procedure, wash more gently than usual.

Ultraviolet protection
Sunscreen is OK from 12 hours after the treatment.

The skin is vulnerable to ultraviolet rays for about a week after the procedure. It is advisable to shield the skin from UV rays by applying sunscreen or using a parasol.

Avoid at least the day of the procedure. It is best to avoid it for 2-3 days after the procedure if possible, but it is not prohibited.

Exercise, sauna, etc.
Prohibited on the same day. It is not prohibited after the next day, but should be avoided for 2 to 3 days.

The reason for this is that inflammation slows down the healing process and bacteria can easily enter the skin because of the microscopic holes on the surface of the skin.

Features of the clinic

Features of the clinic
Features of the clinic

Cutting "non-essential" costs

Our clinic may not be perfect for all clients. However, we are pursuing a clinic for those who want to have cosmetic procedures more accessible, and who say, "Yes, this is the kind of clinic I wanted.

Simple interior for both men and women

The interior design of our clinic is not flashy. What we value is "convenience" and "cleanliness. We try to keep the interior simple so that even those who do not feel comfortable in fancy spaces can easily visit our clinic.

Easy access to hospital

It is located in a calm area, not in an area cluttered with beauty clinics. On the other hand, access from the station is close, just a 3-minute walk from Jimbocho Station and a 3-minute walk from Shin-ochanomizu Station, making it easy to come to our clinic.

For velvet skin, go to Smart Skin Clinic.

Smart Skin Clinic currently (August 2023) uses the latest model, the Dermapen "4". We also utilize surface anesthesia to reduce pain as much as possible.

Velvet Skin is a procedure that may cause pain and downtime, but the effects are easily felt.

I want to improve the skin's luster and elasticity.

I want to improve my acne scars."

If so, please consider Velvet Skin.

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